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Defend against common pests and breathe life into your residential as well as commercial spaces by availing the pest control services at Bubbles Carpet Cleaning Sydney in a truly protected manner throughout Sydney. We make a constant endeavor to provide fast, reliable and effective service at the best price to protect the interior and exterior of the property from unwanted pests of different kinds. Pest control is required for many reasons:

  • To prevent contamination and infectious diseases
  • To safeguard the investment done in residential and commercial properties
  • To make the living environment conducive, hygienic and healthy at all times
  • To remain on the right side of the law
  • To enhance the reputation on corporate level

Successful and effective pest control is a combination of 3 things – sanitation, preventive measures and chemicals applied. This means that Bubbles Carpet Cleaning Sydney offers you the requisite platform to avail the maximum benefits of pest control services throughout Sydney ensuring accurate pest detection leading to swift and complete removal of pests in the most advanced mode. Our fully trained and licensed pest control staff metes out the most effective solution to target the pinpointed areas after a thorough inspection; reassuring that only the affected areas of the property get treated which are infested by the unwanted pests. Our long-lasting treatment to eliminate pests incorporates the use of safe, non-toxic and environment friendly products to an optimal extent.

You can never entirely free your residential or commercial spaces/premises from the foraging pests, but you can certainly make it undesirable so that they never become established for a longer period of time. We take pride in delivering a highly comprehensive one-off treatment for the following common pests:


Fleas are highly specialized blood-sucking parasites which are known to breed where pets feed and rest. These also tend to harbor in the gaps in wooden floor boards and create big problems.

Treatment: Deep vacuum cleaning of carpets and furnishings on a strong suction setting.


Wasps bear a poisonous sting and are known to build their nests attached to the sides of the walls or eaves of the residential or commercial properties.

Treatment: General spray along with the use of liquid insecticides.


Cockroaches are high risk pests as they are disease carriers. They tend to eat garbage and contaminate human food sources. They are known to be disturbing pests as they breed rapidly and produce an unpleasant odour all the time.

Treatment: General spray and cleaning of troubled areas coupled with the dust treatment/gel treatment.


Ants are very common and persistent pests known to march inside the property in search of food and water. Their existence is highly annoying and these tend to construct their nests in gardens, areas in walls and foundations, potted plants and even sink/toilet cavities.

Treatment: Use of non-toxic, water-based spray to treat infested areas.


Silverfish are considered to be minor nocturnal pests of kitchens, libraries and commercial premises and generally found in relatively undisturbed areas. These are highly primitive and tend to feed on food debris, starch, glue, clothing and paper material.

Treatment: Use of flushing agents to treat the dwelling areas.


Both rats and mice are highly detrimental pest rodents and help to spread various diseases. They tend to infest any kind of location that may offer water and food at all times.

Treatment: Use of stick pads along with the setting of traps which need to be collected at a later stage.


Termites are known to infest structural timbers with stable moisture content causing damage to man-made structures in a gradual manner.

Treatment: Installation of specifically formulated pesticide barriers, dusts and baits.


Spiders can become a nuisance if left to breed because of the way they move around using the delicate art of web spinning in a swift mode.

Treatment: Instant knock-down treatment involving the use of liquid insecticide to hit the spiders directly.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles have a marked preference for materials of animal origin and remain a constant nuisance for the humans around.

Treatment: Application of liquid insecticide around the edges of the carpets and application of permethrin dust underneath the carpets.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal pests and are known to feed on human blood. These are known to harbor deep within mattresses which can’t easily be sighted or spotted. They also tend to dwell in the edges of carpets, curtains and even behind pictures.

Treatment: Thorough power head vacuuming coupled with non-toxic spray treatment.

Bird lice

Birds are good carriers of lice which nest in the roof void of a structure and later find their way inside it. Lice occupy certain regions of the host’s body and are obligate bloodsuckers.

Treatment: Blowing of dust using specific tools through the infested areas.

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