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Rug Cleaning Riverwood

We clean all types of Rugs. Whether you have a fine handwoven, antique Persian or a funky bright, contemporary shag, you want your work of art to be cleaned or restored thoughtfully and carefully. Natural fibers such as wool and cotton require different care from nylon or polyblends.

Our rug cleaning Riverwood services offer gentle and professional rug cleaning methods to ensure that your rugs stay safe in our hands.

Our properly trained Riverwood Rug Cleaners will examine each rug, looking for signs of fading, discoloration, stains, pre-existing damage, colour instability and odours.

Like all beautiful things, rugs eventually perish. However, with the best available care and attention to cleaning and preserving, you can make sure your rug remains in its optimum state for as long as possible. As with all things of value, certain precautions must be taken when caring for oriental rugs.

Do I Really Need Rug Cleaning?

Most of us routinely clean rugs at home using a vacuum cleaner. This is effective in cleaning the upper parts of the fibres – but it leaves substantial quantities of dirt accumulating deeper in the pile. To remove dirt which has built up over years or even decades, the only truly effective solution is full immersion cleaning.

At Bubbles Carpet Cleaning, we clean rugs using steam cleaning process. To ensure we meet all of client’s needs and to provide the best quality in all of our services, our steam cleaning units are state of the art, utilizing High Power machinery which has high suction intake and high pressure steam spray for a professional steam clean to remove dust and dust mites


Why Choose Bubbles Carpet Cleaning as your Preferred Rug Cleaners in Riverwood?

  • Experienced in cleaning all types of rugs.
  • Riverwood Wide Rug Cleaning Service.
  • Your rug is thoroughly examined by our specialist rug cleaners.
  • Free quote/estimate with no obligation.
  • Day, evening and weekends (no extra cost).
  • All our products are non-toxic and safe for babies, pets and pregnant women.
  • All individual stains are treated using a wide range of specialized non-toxic stain removers depending on the type of stain.
  • Our steam cleaning units are state of the art, which has high suction intake and high pressure steam spray for a professional steam clean.

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